Our Mission

Providing our clients with quality learning to fuel their pursuit of a better life and foster a desire for lifelong learning.

Our Vision

Creating a culture and a community that encourages learning and respects those who reach out to upgrade their literacy levels.

Introduction to Our Organization

We are a not-for-profit organization in the community of West Nipissing. We provide personal and professional life skills as well as customized programs to suit all individual learning needs.

Our goal is to constantly provide superior quality one on one learning opportunities, and we strive to provide a high level of professionalism in the delivery of our services. We aspire to actively promote literacy in the community and be ambassadors.

Our objective is to embrace literacy innovations to maximize learner satisfaction, and create an enjoyable environment that encourages and inspires adult learning.

  • We aspire to actively promote literacy in the community and become literacy ambassadors.

  • Our objective is to embrace literacy in the community and be literacy ambassadors.

  • Our objective is to embrace literacy innovations to maximize learner satisfaction.

  • We have created an enjoyable environment that encourages and inspires adult learning.

  • A not-for-profit organization and a registered charity in West Nipissing.

  • We provide personal and professional life skills.

  • We customize our programs to suit individual learning needs/goals.

  • Our goal is to consistently provide superior quality one on one education.

  • We strive to provide a high level of professionalism in the delivery of our services.

We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.
— Peter F. Drucker

Meet Our Staff

Meet our team of compassionate and caring staff! We are committed to offering you the most enriching, enjoyable and memorable learning experience.

Nanditta Colbear, Executive Director


Nanditta Colbear grew up in a country where women did not have the freedom to learn or go to school. She believes that literacy is the biggest gift of all, and that it is often taken for granted and not fully embraced. She joined the Literacy Alliance in March 2011, at a point of transition. It was a time of many changes when the organization was facing major challenges. As Executive Director, her mandate has been to change things around.

The success of the organization lies in service excellence, fiscal prudence and transparency. What Nanditta enjoys the most about her time at the agency is the learners, the team and the growth she sees every day. She works directly with the learners and the team in delivering programs. To see smiles and feel the joy in the air is what fulfills her as new learning is happening. Nanditta is passionate about learning. From space missions to organic gardening, she believes that living is about learning and that no human can know everything; there is always room to learn. Having joined the world of literacy is her personal mission to promote lifelong learning. In her time away from work, Nanditta enjoys a quiet, reclusive life with her best friend. She loves day-dreaming, writing, fishing, snowshoeing, kayaking and above all, practising the art of organic gardening.

Christine Crispin, Client Care Supervisor


Christine first came to Literacy Alliance in November 2015, to update her resumé. One thing led to another and four years later here she is; working as our Client Care Supervisor. She is happy to be a part of team literacy. Christine meets and greets our learners with her cheerful personality. She informs them about our different programs, and provides guidance through their learning. Christine fills many roles and is a tremendous support at the agency, giving her best and helping in any way she can. What she looks forward to the most about her work at Literacy Alliance is meeting and working with the unique personalities of the learners who come through our doors. She believes that everyone has the ability and potential of succeeding well in life. Christine feels gratitude for being a part of the quality learning that happens at the agency and witnessing the transformation as learners reach their goals.

During her spare time, Christine very much enjoys the outdoors. She is captivated by nature and loves being surrounded by the elements at any given time. She is also fuelled by a good book, taking walks and playing outdoor activities with her daughters. What puts a smile on Christine's face is her family. Every day, her two beautiful girls remind her what the true meaning of life is.

Alexandrè Luc Gingras, Front Desk Agent


Alexandrè Luc Gingras is a life long resident of West Nipissing. He plays an important supporting role in keeping the agency flowing in an efficient manner. As the Front Desk Agent at Literacy Alliance, you will find him greeting learners with his excellent sense of humour and honesty. From the moment people enter the door, he imparts everyone with his positive vibes to ensure they have a pleasant learning experience. Alex has been working at Literacy Alliance since January 2018. From when he was a little boy, he has always been drawn to helping others achieve their goals. He enjoys greeting learners with a smile and optimistic attitude. He is grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally, from day-to-day experiences with learners and the staff team at the agency. When not working, Alex loves reading as well as writing short stories.

Taking pleasant walks and bike rides, working out and spending time with his family and pets is what makes him happy. He also loves travelling to new places. His biggest joy in life is being able to explore the planet beyond the borders of West Nipissing. He admires the beauty this world has to offer and loves to explore it.

Denise Lafontaine, Transition Coach


Denise Lafontaine is a valued part of the team at Literacy Alliance. As a Transition Coach, she dedicates most of her time and energy to supporting our learners with reading and writing. She has been with us at the agency since 2017. Denise is passionate about her work and believes that strong literacy skills are paramount in achieving continued success in life. She enjoys her time at the agency, working in collaboration with our learners and staff team, by offering learning support and facilitating workshops. Denise is delighted and thrilled every time she gets the opportunity of witnessing the growth and success of our learners.

Some of Denise's hobbies and interests include gardening and sewing. Along with her day-to-day support at the agency, Denise also offers our innovative sewing workshop series. With her, individuals of all skill levels can learn simple sewing techniques from reinventing used linens into new pieces to patching, repairing and hemming clothing items. Apart from the happiness Denise gets from sharing her knowledge and skills at Literacy Alliance, her biggest joy in life is her family and spending time with them.

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